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    Robert Downey Jr. stars in this wild comedy road-trip about the mishaps befalling a guy trying to get home before his wife gives birth.
    Father-to-be Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) is hurrying to catch his flight home from Atlanta, but his best intentions go awry when he encounters an eccentric aspiring actor named Ethan (Zach Galifianakis). After missing the flight, highly-strung Peter is forced to catch a ride with exasperating Ethan and his small dog. But Peter and Ethan don't make the best travelling companions, and with only five days to get home, will Peter make it? What starts out as a misfortune soon turns into a disaster, resulting in the destruction of numerous cars and quite a few friendships. Keeping on the move with the help of Jim (Jamie Foxx), the mismatched companions fight and bicker along the road on what turns out to be a life-changing journey for everyone...

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