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    ore hilarious and life-threatening stunts from the Jackass team - this time brought to you in eye-watering 3D!

    The Jackass gang are back and this time they're taking stupid to a whole new level! Johnny Knoxville and his band of maniacs raise the stakes higher than ever before in this outrageous collection of stunts and pranks. Fans will be thrilled to hear that the compulsively self-injuring gang of loons have not learnt their lesson and are coming back with even crazier stunts than we've seen from them before! These include being smacked in the face with a massive hand, climbing up a soon-to-be-chopped-down tree dressed as Father Christmas, 'human' duck-shooting, jet-skiing into a hedge, smacking people in the face with a fish and firing a portaloo from a giant sling-shot. Enjoy your guilty chuckles as Johnny, Bam, Steve-O and Chris bravely - and stupidly - put their lives at risk so we don't have to...

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