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    A chilling extra-terrestrial science fiction thriller - where strange lights appear in the sky and the human race begins to disappear in its millions!

    Professor Stephen Hawking famously warned that if the human race ever encounters aliens, it might be bad news for us in the way that meeting Columbus was bad news for the Native Americans! But this hasn't stopped NASA sending messages far into deep-space in search of intelligent life. In response, mysterious lights appear in the sky, drawing people up to them like moths to a flame. The lights seem to emanate from alien space craft, apparently intent on swallowing up all humans from the earth! Trapped in a high-rise building, a group of survivors fight for their lives as their world disappears before them. Jarrod (Eric Balfour), Terry (Donald Faison) and Oliver (David Zayas) must try to evade the light and find a way to defeat the unseen invaders... ?fv4mf31e4mvci28

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